Carbon Accounting

Show your commitment to sustainability with precise carbon accounting from Emerald.

Achieve sustainability recognition with carbon accounting

We provide the expertise and technology to make carbon accounting as transparent as financial accounting. By measuring your carbon emissions, you will be able to see where you can reduce your environmental impact and offset your carbon footprint. Our comprehensive reporting ensures you can accurately track and communicate your sustainability progress to business partners, fostering transparency and trust in your commitment to eco-conscious practices.


In today’s environmentally-conscious landscape, many large companies demand strict adherence to rigorous carbon accounting and sustainability practices from their partners and suppliers. We understand that for small businesses, it can be daunting to measure and manage your carbon emissions effectively, especially when faced with these demanding requirements.

That’s why we provide a streamlined solution tailored to small businesses, empowering you to confidently measure your carbon emissions and gain a clear understanding of your environmental impact.


The intricacies of quantifying greenhouse gas emissions – including direct, indirect, and supply chain emissions – can often leave businesses uncertain about the most effective ways to address their carbon footprint. However, at Emerald Business Advisers, we guide you through the process, ensuring you have the knowledge and tools to proactively reduce them.

By taking steps to minimise your carbon footprint, you not only align with current sustainability standards, but also get ahead so you are ready to meet future compliance requirements as they evolve.


To truly get ahead of the climate curve, setting up carbon offset initiatives is imperative. This could be anything from investing in reforestation projects to supporting renewable energy initiatives. At Emerald, we help you implement offset strategies that are not only eco-conscious, but also in line with global standards.

By investing in carbon offsets, you can balance your emissions by supporting sustainable projects that remove or reduce an equivalent amount of greenhouse gases from the atmosphere. It’s a proactive approach that allows your business to be a part of the solution and demonstrate your commitment to caring for our planet.


Emerald Business Advisers takes pride in delivering a comprehensive carbon accounting report tailored to your business’ unique needs. Our detailed carbon accounting report offers a clear and insightful overview of carbon emissions across all aspects of your business.

We compile data on direct emissions, indirect emissions, and supply chain emissions to ensure no source of greenhouse gas emissions goes unnoticed.
In a world increasingly focused on sustainability, our carbon accounting report equips you to stay competitive, win over eco-conscious consumers, and establish strong partnerships with like-minded organisations. It’s a testament to your dedication to reducing your environmental impact and your readiness to meet evolving sustainability standards.


Carbon accounting is the systematic process of measuring and managing a company’s carbon emissions. It involves quantifying greenhouse gas emissions to determine the carbon footprint within distinct areas: direct, indirect, and supply chain emissions.

Direct emissions result from the business’s operations or activities. They encompass emissions such as those produced from the use of fuel in manufacturing processes.

Indirect emissions originate from sources like purchased electricity and heating used on the company’s premises. While they are not directly generated by the organisation, they are associated with its energy consumption.

Supply chain emissions are the most comprehensive. They cover factors such as waste generation, packaging materials, services provided by suppliers, employee commuting, remote work, and product deliveries.
Accounting for all three emissions scopes is essential to achieving accurate carbon accounting, providing a holistic view of a company’s environmental impact.

Carbon accounting is vital for businesses of all sizes as it fosters environmental responsibility, facilitates regulatory compliance, enhances marketability, and ensures strong partnerships with other sustainability-conscious companies. It is a proactive step towards securing a sustainable and successful future in an evolving business landscape.

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When it comes to carbon accounting, trust the experts at Emerald Business Advisers. We understand the complexities of carbon accounting, and our reports align with global standards. We’re proud to offer our carbon accounting services in New Zealand, where we are one of the few accountants providing this specialised service.

Ready to embrace carbon accounting for your business? Speak to our experts today.

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